Hello there!

Welcome to my website!
You can find here blog entries about some projects I did and some diaries where I document progress.
Interested in me? Visit the About Me page, and you will find out more about me.
On the right of the navigation, you will find what used to be my website - a CLI you can play around with.

Have fun!


Photo Sync

Giving random apps access to your Google Photos can be bad. To still use an album as screensaver etc. I wrote this script. It syncs all your photos to your drive while giving you maximum privacy.


This is part of my homepage. What you see on the page resembles an CLI. You just type in commands and some output is shown or it does something on the website. To find out which commands are available, you can just type "help". Everything is always in development. So if you come back in a few days/weeks/months/years something could have been changed! You can also check out the dev version if you haven't already. Have fun!

Overleaf Git Sync

Overleaf is a LaTeX editor for the web and honestly great to use. But there is no way to back up your project to a cloud drive or git without paying them money. Even the self-hosted community version has no such functionality. I decided that's BS and made my own script to sync a project to git.

Simple Callback Server

Most times when using OAuth2 on an API like Google or Spotify I just need the refresh token on setup. To get the initial tokens and the refresh token it is necessary to have a server that prints the POST body. This application does this.


I had a screen left over and hooked a Raspberry Pi to it. Then I created a webpage that fetches and shows various information. Currently it includes time, weather, calendar, departures and more.

TUfast TUD

TUfast is a browser extension that is used by multiple thousand users of the TU Dresden. It provides autologin to the most used portals, shortcuts, redirects, and more. I'm one of the developers.